What to expect.

What does “closing” mean? The closing of your real property will take place at our office with an attorney who will carefully review all the documents and explain what you are signing. The attorney serves as a neutral third party between all parties of the real estate transaction and has one primary purpose; to close the transaction according to the terms of the purchase and sale agreement and the lender’s instructions.

Who should come to closing? The borrower and the borrower’s spouse (if applicable) must be present at closing. If arrangements need to be made for a Power of Attorney, please notify your realtor well in advance of the closing. The realtor and the lender are also invited to attend the closing. Please allow approximately 60 minutes for the closing process.

What do I bring to closing? Bring 2 forms of ID and a cashier’s check with the exact amount owed. If you need to wire funds to closing please check for the correct instructions.

How much money will I need to bring to closing? Once our office receives the lender documents we will send a final closing statement to your realtor within 24 hours. Your realtor will review the closing statement and share with you (as it will outline the closing costs and how much money is due at closing).

What will I be signing at closing? You will be signing a number of documents from your lender and Brandon W. Frazier, Attorney at Law, PLLC that will be explained to you. This paperwork is necessary for the property to be transferred from the seller to the buyer. All of the closings costs will be listed on the disclosure forms.

Buyer’s Disclosure Example

Seller’s Disclosure Example